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With our easy to use online legal forms, you can create inexpensive, customized legal documents – Accident Report, Acknowledgement of Resignation, Confirmation Letter of Employment & Termination, Discipline Policy, Employment Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement – and more... in just a few minutes!

Create inexpensive, customized legal documents in minutes!

By using dynamically generated legal forms, Moores makes it easy and cost-effective for Ontario individuals and small businesses to deal with their existing or potential legal problems without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, or resorting to non-lawyer 'zoom' alternatives.

Create Wills, Lease Agreements, Business Contracts, Complaint Letters, and more. Just answer a few simple questions (our intelligent software will guide you every step of the way), pay, then print or download your customized legal documents instantly or have them reviewed, at a small extra charge, by a lawyer from our firm to ensure they meet the specifics of your circumstances.

Purchasing our Online Legal Forms is simple and can take only minutes depending on the type of document you want. To purchase a legal form or a form bundled with legal advice, you start by completing a free online questionnaire. At anytime during the process, you can save your form and complete it at a later date.

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Our Online Legal Documents Are:

> Reviewed by a Canadian Lawyer (upon your request)
> Based on Ontario Provincial laws
> Specially Customized to Your Needs
> Affordable and, most importantly, reliable!

Attorney Prepared Documents

The Attorney-Prepared Legal Documents include legal advice from an attorney and are offered at the fixed prices listed below.

How it works:

  1. Click on a document name to purchase it.
  2. Complete a simple, online Questionnaire and submit it to us via this web site.
  3. An attorney will review your submitted Questionnaire and contact you if additional information is needed to clarify your intent. If necessary, your Attorney will draft language to make sure the document reflects your intent and is right for your circumstances.
  4. When your completed document is ready, your Attorney will upload it to your MyLegalAffairs™ web space and notify you via e-mail.
  5. Simply log into your secure web space to review, download and print your completed document.

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Human Resources/ Employment Attorney Prepared Documents

Document Description Free Preview Price Try
Accident Report Form $2.00

Acknowledgement of Resignation $2.00
Applicant Reference Check $2.00
Authorization to Release Information $2.00
Confirmation Letter of Employment and Termination $2.00
Consent to Pre-Employment Testing and Release of Results $2.00
Corrective Action Form $2.00
Discipline Policy $5.00
Disclosure and Consent to Secure Consumer Report $2.00
Employee Handbook $5.00
Employee Handbook Acknowledgment $1.00
Employee Orientation and Training Checklist $1.00
Employee Self-Evaluation $1.00
Employment Agreement $10.00
Employment Application $2.00
Exit Employment Checklist $2.00
Exit Interview Questionnaire $2.00
General Non-Disclosure Agreement $5.00
Independent Contractor Agreement $10.00
Involuntary Discharge of Employment $5.00
Non-Discrimination Policy $5.00
Release (Severance Agreement) $5.00
Request for Advanced Sick Leave $2.00
Request for Reasonable Accommodation $5.00
Sexual Harassment Complaint Letter $2.00
Termination Letter for Cause $5.00
Employment Termination Procedures $10.00
Employee Welcome Letter - Notice of Benefits $2.00
Cancellations and Refunds, etc.
Description Free Preview Price Try
Cancel Own Membership or Subscription $2.00
Correction of a Credit Report (Follow-Up) $2.00
Refuse Bill Greater than Builder's Quote $2.00
Request for Refund or Repair of Goods $2.00
Request Quote for Building Work $2.00

Complaint Letters

Document Description Free Preview Price Try
Complaint Letter - Airline (General) $10.00
Complaint Letter - Airline Damaged Luggage $15.00
Complaint Letter - Airline Gate Assistance $5.00
Complaint Letter - Airline In-Flight Meals $5.00
Complaint Letter - Airline Overbooking $5.00
Complaint Letter - Airline Seat Assignment $5.00
Complaint Letter - Automobile Insurance Claim $5.00
Complaint Letter - Automobile Mechanic $5.00
Complaint Letter - Cancellation of Home Repairs Contract $5.00
Complaint Letter - Collection Agency $5.00
Complaint Letter - Consumer Goods $5.00
Complaint Letter - Credit and Billing Problems $5.00
Complaint Letter - Credit Card Billing Mistake $5.00
Complaint Letter - Credit Card Consumer Protection $5.00
Complaint Letter - Defective Automobile $5.00
Complaint Letter - Defective Automobile (Corporation) $25.00
Complaint Letter - Defective Goods (to Creditor) $5.00
Complaint Letter - Defective Goods or Services $5.00
Complaint Letter - Delete Inaccurate Information $2.00
Complaint Letter - Home Builders $5.00
Complaint Letter - Home Health Care Substandard Services $5.00
Complaint Letter - Household Appliance $2.00
Complaint Letter - Medical Care at Resort or Cruise Ship $5.00
Complaint Letter - Misleading Automobile Price $2.00
Complaint Letter - Telephone Service $2.00
Complaint Letter - Tenant Request for Repairs $2.00
Complaint Letter - to Builder about Delays $2.00
Complaint Letter - to Dry Cleaners About Garment Damage $2.00
Complaint Letter - to Restaurant about Bad Meal $2.00
Complaint Letter - Used Car $2.00
Demand for Collection Agency to Cease Contact $2.00
Letter to Builder Requesting Estimate $2.00
Notice to Remove Name from Mailing List $1.00
Refuse Goods not Delivered on Time $2.00

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Keep in mind that the Attorney-Prepared Legal Documents may not be suitable for every circumstance and are generally designed for simple to moderately complex legal matters.

To determine if this service is right for you, please use the Support link on this web site to provide a brief summary of your situation. A member of the firm will respond.

The legal advice provided in conjunction with the Attorney-Prepared Legal Documents is limited to questions and/or issues that need to be addressed in order to properly prepare your documents. If extensive legal advice is needed and falls beyond the scope of this offering and/or your situation materially changes, an additional fee may be required.

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