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Legal Videos

  • Playlist of Legal videos
  • What Do Canadian Homeowners Know About Title Insurance
  • Why Every Homeowner Needs Title Insurance
  • Cottage Ownership: Know What You’re Buying
  • Does Your Lifestyle Suit a Condo?
  • CETA, ISDS, and the Belgian Veto - A Warning of Failure for Future Trade Agreements with the EU?

Non-Legal Resources

  • "Be Encouraged" (1987) Tammy Lindsay & Fred Hammond: Click to Watch Video »
  • "He's In Me (And I In He)" (1987) Tammy Lindsay: Click to Watch Video »
  • "Nobody Like The Lord" (1987) Tammy Lindsay: Click to Watch Video »
  • "Anti-Christ is a Woman!" - a very interesting book, not to be judged by it's title
  • Audio Messages (Free downloads - mp3) 
  • Audio book (Great Controversy - Free download)
  • Which Version? (Which ones not to read)
  • The Marked Bible (a true story)
  • A controversial but nevertheless informative book - Codeword Barbelon (Bk1)
  • E-book (The Great Controversy - Free PDF)
  • End of Time?
  • Science and Creation DVDs
  • Secret Coming - Superman or...?
  • Your Child's Brain on Television
  • Secrets Unsealed - Will "All Israel Be Saved?"
  • Eye-opening books
  • Videos - Battlefield Hollywood
  • Which day is it?
  • Interesting stuff - Sceptic or Believer?

The 2012 Doomsday Myth

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