Virtual Lawyer Niagara, Moores Law

Our no-frills law practice offers professional, yet affordable and easy to use solutions that allow the lawyer dealing with your case to focus on legal results only and not on meeting quotas to cover overhead and hours. Isn't that what you've always wanted from your lawyer?

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Online Legal Forms Niagara, Moores Law

There's now a real alternative to non-regulated companies like LegalZoom and other non-lawyer entities, both in terms of quality and costs. Moores Law offer online legal forms to meet the large demand for affordable legal services with real lawyer input.

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Virtual Lawyer Niagara, Moores Law

One of the other features that set us apart from almost every other law firm in Ontario is our Tailored Legal Plan – which guarantees fixed legal fees at roughly 50% of our normal fees. Think of it as affordable legal services, whenever you need it!

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Our Motto: The Legal System Made Affordable

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Did you know that for less than a dollar a day, you and up to five members of your family can have immediate access to a wide range of quality, professional legal services?

When tackling their legal matter, clients want two things: to be unrivalled on the evidence, and to put their best foot forward in court through competent legal advocacy. To accomplish that – no stone can remain unturned, no question gone unanswered, plus you need a solid legal strategy backed by research and readiness to deal with all the uncertainties of litigation and 'surprise' evidence in the courtroom. Moores Law Practice has the experience, skills and tools to help you build the best case for the court, whether defending a claim or making a legal claim.

Unique to Canada, MOORES "Advantage Legal Plan" gives you up to 5 hours of free legal advice, plus up to fifty percent fee reduction thereafter.

Successful legal representation requires skill, creativity and attention to detail. It also requires money. Without money, legal rights are illusionary!

Millions of Canadians are not able to obtain what the law promises them. (The cost of Justice Project: 2011-2016). In Hryniak v. Mauldin 2014 SCC 7, the Supreme Court of Canada rightly lamented that: "Ensuring access to justice is the greatest challenge to the rule of law in Canada today.... Most Canadians cannot afford to sue when they are wronged or defend themselves when they are sued and cannot afford to go to trial. Without an effective and accessible means of enforcing rights, the rule of law is threatened.... the development of the common law is stunted."

In fact, the lack of access to civil justice has become so dire that the Canadian Bar Association ("CBA") has described the situation as “abysmal”! The CBA has called for change by 2030. But who can wait that long? Fortunately, Moores is a a step ahead of the game.

Moores Law & Dispute Resolution Practice has acted on the Law Society of Upper Canada's recommendation and has cut its legal fees in half! Our Motto is "The Legal System Made Affordable," and our aim is to level the legal play field by making legal help accessible and affordable to all Ontarians.

Whether your legal matter involves a police complaint, a medical malpractice claim (from a plaintiff's perspective) or you are in dispute with a bank, a credit card company or a major corporation like GENERAL MOTORS, a government department, a labour union or you are being harassed by a hire-purchase company or a credit collection agency, Moores has the knowledge and skill to take on those David and Goliath cases, and at a cost you can afford.

In addition to traditional legal services, our cutting edge technology allows you to create and customize legal documents in minutes, with the click of a mouse. Documents such as a Will and Power of Attorney can be created by you online, in just 5 easy steps. And Moores is proud of the fact that our Wills are not like those 'boilerplate' forms you buy from the stationers or from non-lawyer form companies, like Zoom and US Legal Forms.

In fact, Moores is among handful of Ontario law firms offering more than the traditional brochure-style (static) websites that merely provide a list of services and contact details. Moores provides you around-the-clock, secure online access to various kinds of legal documents and services,—with the option of real lawyer input from start to finish. With us you have the option of having your completed Will or Power of Attorney reviewed by an Ontario licensed lawyer.

Moores offers a range of legal services, from advocacy to court representation, court coaching to contract drafting, as well as legal document review — all at a fraction of the usual legal fees. Listen to this 60 seconds audio clip about the Plan.

Our Core Services

Just some of the legal disputes / concerns that Moores can assist you with:

  • Employment: Wrongful/Unlawful Dismissal
  • Contract/Consumer law: timeshare, credit card, retail disputes
  • Immigration Appeals & Judicial review
  • Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Defamation/Negligence, Malpractice/Police Complaints
  • Privacy Law -

    Privacy Law, Smart Meters | Moores Law & Dispute Resolution Practice

    Your Rights Are Being Violated - The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters: Click to Watch Video »

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Last Will & Testament

Create a perfect, lawyer-approved legal Will from the comfort of your home.

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Power of Attorney

Name someone to handle your finances should you ever become incapacitated.

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Living Will

Specify your health care wishes in case you are ever unable to communicate.

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LEGAL COUNSEL-Arbitrator-Mediator

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What Our Clients Say

  • I was referred by the Law Society and Philton Moore did not disappoint.... a thorough professional, paying great attention to details while not missing out the bigger picture. He combines excellent legal knowledge with confident communication abilities. What impressed me the most was that he put in whatever extra was required to get the job done. Thanks Moore
    - K. Oladokun

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Looking for reliable, trustworthy legal advice that won't break the bank?

At Moores Law & Dispute Resolution Practice our goal is to provide you with a convenient, easy and affordable way to obtain legal services and documents on a wide-range of legal matters that affect individuals.